Hello, I am Avijit Hazra 👋

Professional WordPress Developer Based in India

I’m a senior web developer specializing in impactful website design and high-performance, scalable WordPress development that helps businesses accelerate their growth.

My Expertise

What Can an Experienced Freelance WordPress Developer Do for You?

Coding & Development

Working with the WordPress platform for a long I found it to be limitless and as a Freelance WordPress Expert, I provide an array of custom WordPress Development services such as themes, and plugin development by following best practices and clean coding.

Maintenance & Updates

Managing your WordPress websites and taking care of business at the same time can be challenging. I provide WordPress customization service, dedicated WordPress support, and ongoing maintenance services so you can sleep soundly knowing that your site is safe, fast, and secure.

Speed Optimization

A slow website is one of the top 3 reasons for a site to lose potential leads. Do you want your site to perform better? If so, I am the certified WordPress expert for you. I can make your site load lightning fast and loads under 2 seconds.

Why Should You Hire a Certified WordPress Expert?

There are many benefits to working with an experienced freelance WordPress developer. I can help you save time and money by streamlining your website development process. I can also help you create a more professional and polished website that will appeal to your target audience.

As a freelance WordPress developer, I can take your vision for your website and turn it into a reality. I can help with everything from designing a custom theme to setting up e-commerce functionality. Some of the specific ways that can help you include:


“Did an awesome job with my website. Paid great attention to the little details which saved me hours of time reviewing. Website loads fast and looks great! 5 stars!”

Dr. Epameinondas Bonaros

Hair Implantation Specialist - Drbonaros.com

My Deliverables

I'm Not Your Typical WordPress Developer

What makes me different from other WordPress experts you’ll find online?

Fixed Price Model

I always provide a fixed price for a set amount of work, so your job will not exceed the specified budget.

Quality & Reliability

I only work on projects that I'm 100% certain I can deliver, because I'm not a typical "do-it-all" WordPress expert.

Bug Free Gurrantee

My primary goal as a WordPress expert is to ensure that the codebase is clean and error-free. I guarantee that any code I write is bug-free for 90 days.

Peace of Mind

Working with me, you will have direct access to me. This will ensure that our communications go smoothly and that you do not have to wait days for a reply.

Want To Start A Project?

Are you in need of a WordPress developer that can provide expert level development services?

What People Are Saying About My Custom WordPress Development Services?

“Avijit was an amazing developer and created a wonderful course certificate for students that completed my courses.He was also very attentive to all my requests, responding quickly, communicating in English well.

I am very happy with the final product.”

Theodore Petrou

Founder - DunderData.com

“Avijit did a great job on this project. He never cut any corners and help with setting up and coding the entire website. He found many bugs from an old developer and fixed the issues quickly and on budget. I will continue to always work with Avijit. Definitely hire him you will be impressed!”

Corey Crane

Founder - SafeCoachBackgroundChecks.com

“Avijit is extremely knowledgeable! It was a pleasure working with him because he is very time efficient and thorough in his work. I would recommend hiring him for any web design/development needs. Great quality of work!”

Derrick Lopex

Founder - Insurancebyapex.com

“Avijit met all our expectations, and then some. He understood our documented requirements and implemented them within a single review cycle, including providing complete technical documentation.”

Dan Smith

Founder - BTR Consulting, LLC

Have a question that you want answered before contacting me?

How much does a website cost?

The most common inquiry I receive is 'How much will my website cost?' Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this query. The reality is that I don't know how much your website will cost until I know what sort of website you want! Each website and client is unique, and my prices are determined by your unique demands. When I know what you want, I'll provide a no-obligation, transparent quote so you know exactly how much you're paying for. Our custom websites usually start around $200.

How long will my site take to build?

People ask me how long it will take to build their website a lot. Once again, the answer depends on your specific demands. Some projects may take a few months, while others might take a week or two. After we discuss your venture, I will give you an idea of how long it will take.

How do I edit my site OR do you offer ongoing maintenance support?

Of course, I tell my clients how to update their website when I build it. I try to make updating simple for everyone. I understand not all businesses have time to maintain their websites, so I provide a popular website maintenance service to reduce stress. Maintenance clients simply tell me what needs to be changed and then leave it to me. Learn more about our website maintenance services here.

Can you develop or add custom plugins to my WordPress site?

Yes, for sure. That’s one of my specialties as a WordPress expert.

What type of projects do you work on?

I build most of the websites using content management systems (CMSs). A CMS is any database-driven website in which content is stored in a database and managed via web-based tools. WordPress, an open-source CMS, is perhaps the most well-known. I build everything from simple HTML websites to complex web applications using PHP/MySQL and WordPress websites.

What are your payment terms?

Usually, I require a 50% upfront investment. However, I favour splitting up large projects into stages so that you are only required to pay 100% upfront for the current phase we're working on.

Do you offer refunds?

There are only two instances when I can offer you a refund: 1. If I am unable to complete the job because of my incompetence. This option is unlikely, as I take great care when selecting projects and only accept those that I am confident we can complete. 2. If you change your mind prior to the start of a job and have already paid for it. I cannot provide a refund in any other cases.

Can I hire you full time?

I provide ongoing website support to a large number of clients as a sole proprietor and freelancer. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that I will work solely on your project. Delays are inevitable during a project, and they often arise because clients supply me with information and materials, or because of other factors outside of our control. I would be out of business if I took on one job at a time.